OCS has been working on designing successful project plans with years of know-how, and we're building related business areas.

OCS has been constantly thinking about the technologies, strategies, and know-how necessary for designing cities that meet the diverse characteristics of the region and harmonize with the beautiful nature, and is expanding its business areas (financial, financial, feasibility studies, etc.) to realize them as a reality.

  Project Management & Development Stratege

  • Urban & Real Estate Project
  • General Management & Planning Proposal

  Concept & Development Plan

  • New Town / Urban Regeneration / Esterbilishment of Concept & Strategy for the Mixed-Use Complex Project
  • Land Use Plan & Sectoral Plan / Tourism Plan

  Landscape & District Unit Plan

  • City Image Differentiation & Landscap Plan
  • 1st & 2nd District Unit Plan

  Architectural Plan & Design

  • Architectural Planning & Design
  • Housing Planning & Design

  Overseas Urban Development

  • Development Concept & Planning
  • Feasibility Study

  Project Financing

  • Establishment of Development Concept & Urban Planning Strategy
  • General Management of the Business Proposal

  Business & Marketing Plan

  • Analysis of Marketing Condition & Demand
  • Planning of Marketing Promotion
  • Feasibility Study of Regulation, Policy and finance

  Urban & Architectural R&D

  • Study on the Advanced Theory & Method of Urbanism, Architecture and Real Estate
  • Study on the Regulation & Case at Hone and Abroad