Cho, Kyung-Hoon  

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Dept.of Urban Engineering, Seoul National University
  • Master & Ph.D of Engineerign, Seoul National University (Urban Planning)
  • Researcher, Seoul National University Engineering Research Institute / Head Researcher, Han-a Urban Research Institute
  • Lecturer, Kangwon National University, University of Seoul, Konkuk University, changwon National University, KT
  • Current Status / CEO, OCS(Office for Civic Solutions) Lecturer,Dept.of Urban Engineering, Chung Ang University

Park, Sang-Beom  

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Dept.of Architectural Engineering, Daejeon University
  • Completion of Master's Course, Dept. of Architectural Engineering, Graduate School of Construction Engineering, Chung-Ang University (Architecture and Urban Design)
  • Section Chief, Hyang Planners & Architects
  • Head of a Department, Junglim Architecture
  • Current Status / CEO, OCS (Office for Civic Solutions)

Ahn, Kun-Hyuck
  • Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept.,Seoul National Univ.

Shim, Gyo-Eon
  • Professor, Real Estate Dept., Konkuk Univ.

Ohn, Yeong-Te
  • Professor, Architecture Dept., Kyung Hee Univ.