Basic Plan of Public Design for Innocities

Innocity is the future-style city achieving the new regional growth in collaboration with local governments, universities, institutes and industries by relocation of public organizations. This project needs to increase the regional brand value of Innocities as a worldwide fine city for specialized regional development. We proposed settings of an accurate range of public design, establishment of public design guideline, detailed standards by public design elements and minimum quality standards.

+ Location
Nine Innocities (Daegu, Gwangju/Jeonnam, Ulsan, Gangwon, Chungbuk, Jeonbuk, Gyeongbuk, Gyeongnam, Jeju)
+ Area
+ Client
Korea Institute of Design Promotion
+ Developer
Korea Land & Housing Corporation
+ Period
2008.10 ~ 2009.12
+ Participation
GL Associates Co.,Ltd.