Specific Landscape Plan in Yangsan

Yangsan has been losing the indigenous image of the region and the chaotic landscape has been showing up because of rapid urbanization. Gyeongsangnam-do has been establishing basic landscape plan in the central inland region. We established specific landscape plan for particular streets which have a great ripple effect. In this project, we selected four streets in terms of the effect of landscape improvement, ripple effects, culture and identity by analysis of Yangsan's spatial structure and characteristics. We also established the improvement way of street landscape focused on buildings, public facilities and signboards and presented implementation plan for landscape plan.

+ Location
East & west culture street , Deokgye town commerce street , Tongdosa access road , Route 35 in front of City Hall
+ Area
Total : 4.1km
+ Client
Design Group Ogham Co., Ltd
+ Developer
Yangsan City
+ Period
2010.01 ~ 2010.05
+ Participation
Design Group Ogham Co., Ltd.