International Urban Idea Competition for the Sustainable Development of Gadeokdo, Busan

This international urban idea competition for Gadeokdo is based on the premise that this site supports Busan new harbor and the new airport of the southeast area in Korea will be located in this area. This competition also asked to propose creative proposal of the future city based on the future images as the southeast economic bloc and for the development of spatial structure in Busan. We presented the eco-friendly master plan and development plan by stages based on "Step City & Eco Band" concept.

+ Location
Cheonga-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan (Gadeokdo)
+ Area
+ Client
+ Developer
+ Period
2009.11 ~ 2010.02
+ Participation
(주)디자인그룹 오감Design Group Ogham Co., Ltd.